Golf 1 bolt pattern conversion (Kundenbeitrag)


I had a lot of problems until I found epytec products. I drive golf 1, 1.8 20v turbo and I bought bbs rs 16 (rs268) 5×114.3 wheels for it. Wheels are 16×7.5 et30 so I could not fit adapters. I bought epytec axle hubs which are 5×112 and with wobble bolts you can easy run your 5×114.3 wheels ,which opens you a whole new market of wheels. Its not hard to make these axles hub to fit they are almost same like original hubs. They are just little bigger so you need to put g60 discs ,redrill them and make the inner side of disc wider (where the hub sits on disc) about 1mm that is absolutley safe on g60 discs but on other discs you can not do that. And then I found out one more problem ,I could not fit g60 calipers on my car but I found conversion bracketa on epytec also. You can see my project on photos.


P.S i drive for a month on this setup ,and I did not had any problems. 😀😀😀


Wider inner diameter of discs to make hubs fit.

Will send more pictures if you want.


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